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Sample kit scrubber water

The acidity (pH value) of scrubber water is a critical parameter. The acidity of untreated scrubber water is low due to the presence of, for instance, sulphur oxides and sulphuric acid. In order to safely discharge the treated scrubber water, the on-board scrubber installation has to raise the acidity level. The IMO and VGP guidelines stipulate that the pH value of the treated scrubber water must be at least 6.0. This is scrubber water measured at the overboard discharge. Sometimes the water that a ship takes in for the scrubber installation already has an inherently low acidity. In such cases, the guidelines stipulate that the pH value should not drop by more than half a unit.

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About the sample kit

With the Normec MTS sample kit you can sample your scrubber water according to the applicable standards and guidelines. The diagram below shows the (recommended) test frequency, the sampling points and the type of test we perform on your scrubber water.
The testing frequency of scrubber water is normally once a year. The commissioning of a new scrubber installation requires more frequent testing to ensure that the installation actually and consistently meets the requirements. With the sample kit from Normec MTS, you can sample your scrubber water according to the applicable standards and guidelines.

sample kit scrubber water

Sample kit scrubber water

  • 3 sample per ship/year (mandatory)
  • Inlet
  • Outlet
  • Overboard discharge
  • First year 2 times, 3 samples per ship

Test type

  • ┬áChemical testing

Test types

  • Metals #10_dissolved
  • Metals #10_total
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs EPA16)
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • pH (incl. temperature)

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