Accreditations & Recognitions

Quality is in our DNA

Normec MTS is formed by three companies that enjoy an excellent reputation in their own fields. Together, we will best meet the needs of our customers, whom we previously considered partners. Because we provide customized services, we learn from each customer and can constantly improve our services and make them more efficient. Quality is the most important feature of our services and products and what you as a customer should be able to rely on. Today, tomorrow, always.


Thanks to our short lines of communication, contact with our customer is personal. Our sophisticated IT systems ensure automation of processes and insightful, transparent insight into the entire testing and analysis process. In your own digital file, you can view and check your test data in real time. Because the relationships with our customers are often long-term, we can often check the measurement and laboratory data against history. If we detect deviations, you will be notified immediately and action can be taken at an early stage.


The companies that comprise Normec MTS are accredited by the Council for Accreditation (RvA). The criteria for this are laid down in the NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. The accredited activities are described in our scope.

Normec MTS also has an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015. This version emphasizes anticipating and managing potential environmental risks in business operations. Certificate number NL021073 has been issued by Bureau Veritas.

Laboratory analyses

Our analyses are performed in laboratories accredited by the RvA. This ensures and guarantees not only the sampling quality, but also the quality and reliability of the analysis work. The laboratories we work with are all specialized in high-quality water research and analysis and are subject to frequent checks and audits.

VCA certification

To ensure the safety of you and our employees during the execution of work, our employees are trained to responsibly handle dangerous situations. In addition to the training received for this purpose, they also have the necessary personal safety equipment. All our field staff are VCA certified. As a company, we also have a VCA certificate.

DNV Approved Service Supplier

Normec MTS is Approved Service Supplier for Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) Commissioning testing. This recognition is a testament to our expertise, dedication and commitment in providing quality services in the maritime sector. As an approved supplier for ballast water management system commissioning tests, we meet the applicable requirements and conditions of the DNV, a well-known and trusted classification body for the shipping and offshore industry, among others.