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The installations for the treatment of your scrubber water, ballast water and potable water on board must be compliant and safe, something you are already well aware of. At the same time, you want to worry as little as possible about complying with national and international legislation and regulations. There is no need to do so, because Normec MTS will do it for you. We focus on our business, so you can fully focus on yours. Anytime, anywhere.

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As an independent agency, Normec MTS specialises in the sampling and analysis of water, and we do this for leading shipping companies in the maritime sector. We set ourselves apart through extensive automated processing of the measurement data and laboratory analyses, and we also take care of the entire process from planning, analysis to reporting.




Normec MTS Approved Supplier for BWMS testing

Normec MTS Approved Supplier for BWMS testing