Water testing

Comply with regulatory requirements

Ballast water drain from the ship close-up

Ballast water testing

Ballast water increases the depth, stability and strength of a ship. Because this water is taken in from ports, rivers and the open sea, it contains numerous organisms, and discharging it into an ecosystem other than the one from which it was taken can cause damage to people and nature. In many flag states, ships are required to have an approved ballast water treatment system in accordance with the D2 standard set by the IMO. The system shall ensure that only small quantities of viable organisms remain in the water after treatment in order to minimise the negative impact on the marine environment. The D2 standard will become mandatory for all shipping in 2024.

Normec MTS is happy to take the testing of the treated ballast water off your hands.

Why choose Normec MTS?

  • Reliable partner for scrubber water, ballast water and potable water
  • Full service: from customs clearance of the samples to advice
  • A client-oriented approach and customised services
  • Experience and knowledge of and adhere to applicable legislation and regulations

Result in 3 steps

  1. Transport sample kit

    You receive a recyclable sample kit aboard your ship. Wherever it is in the world.

  2. Sampling

    You return the sample kit containing the refrigerated samples to the Normec MTS laboratory.

  3. Report

    Within 10 working days, a report of the parameters examined will be shared on our customer portal.


Spliethoff Group

Spliethoff Group and Normec MTS

With more than 130 vessels, Spliethoff provides all types of sea transport of dry cargo, mainly in the form of project cargoes. Alex Fokkens is part of the shipping company’s Quality Health Safety Security Environment Department and talks about his cooperation with Normec MTS.