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The reporting of the laboratory results starts from the moment the sample kit leaves our laboratory on its way to your ship. You will then receive a waybill number of the sample kit sent from Normec MTS.

As required by IMO, the analysis of your scrubber, ballast and potable water takes place in NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2018 accredited laboratories.

Why choose Normec MTS?

  • Reliable partner for scrubber water, ballast water and potable water
  • Full service: from customs clearance of the samples to advice
  • A client-oriented approach and customised services
  • Experience and knowledge of and adhere to applicable legislation and regulations

Unique client portal for Normec MTS clients

24/7 insight

When your samples reach our laboratory, we start analysing them immediately. We put the lab results in the client portal within ten days of receiving the kit so that you can view them whenever you like. We will send the certificate linked to the analysis by e-mail. The certificate contains the data and barcodes of the samples, the test data of the laboratory and limit checks with explicit warnings regarding compliance/non-compliance.


From the portal, you can easily export the lab results in Excel. If applicable to your situation, you will also find a Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) in the portal that you can upload yourself on the EPA website. For scrubber water research, we request your fuel data to be included in the DMR. Linked to the portal is a scheduling tool that keeps track of sampling to get your samples tested on time.

persons behind laptop making report