BWMS Commissioning Testing

Whether you are a shipping company, shipowner, shipbuilder or maritime service provider, having a validated BWMS is essential. Validation of your BWMS by our professional services shows that your ballast water management system meets the highest standards and regulations. Rely on our expertise to protect your vessel and the environment while sailing.

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About BWMS Commissioning

BWMS Commissioning, also known as ballast water management system, is an essential process to ensure that a ship’s ballast water is functioning correctly and that it meets the legal standard. It is a relevant service for everyone dealing with (cargo) ships who is responsible for the safety of the ships’ ballast water.

Testing and analysis validate the ballast water system, which is mandatory. The validation of the ballast water management system by testing and analysis according to the legal standards is mandatory. The validation of the BWMS will result in preventing the spread of harmful organisms and protecting marine ecosystems.

In addition, BWMS Commissioning contributes to the efficiency and optimal operation of the ballast water system, thereby promoting ship safety and sustainability.

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In a dynamic industry where regulations are constantly changing, you can rely on our experts as a partner who understands the sector and thinks in terms of solutions. Normec MTS is distinguished by its flexible and collaborative approach. We get the job done and offer the support and knowledge that you need.

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