Sample kit ballast water

In addition to invasive aquatic species, ballast water also contains a large diversity of (harmful) organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. The IMO has strict requirements for the control and management of ballast water in the form of two standards: D1 and the more stringent D2. For ships sailing in US waters, there are additional regulations, such as the obligation to test for vibrio cholerae.

About the sample kit
With the Normec MTS sample kit you can sample your ballast water according to the applicable standards and guidelines. The diagram below shows the (recommended) test frequency, the sampling points and the type of test we perform on your ballast water.

Sample kit ballast water
  • 1 sample per ship/year (mandatory)
  • Waste water
  • 2 times in first year
  • Initial monitoring three times for first ten discharge times (within 180 days)
  • Maintenance 2 times a year
  • Total Residual Oxidisers (TRO) as Cl or Cl2
  • Bacteria
Test types Total Residual Oxidisers (TRO) as Cl or Cl2

  • Chlorite
  • Chlorate
  • Bromate
  • Total trihalomethanes
  • Haloacetic acids





  • E. Coli
  • Enterococci
  • Total bacterial count (HPC) 22 °C
  • Vibrio Cholerae
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Ballastwater sample kit

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