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The Normec MTS testing procedure in 8 steps

While the composition of a sample kit differs depending on the water to be tested on board, testing follows the same procedure every time, whether we are testing your scrubber water, ballast water or drinking water. Below you will find which stages the testing process consists of.

1. Start procedure
After we receive your request for a sample kit, we will ship it the same day.

2. Transport sample kit
Delivery of the eco-friendly and recyclable sample kit aboard your ship. Wherever it is in the world.

3. Sampling
Sampling of the water using clear instructions. After this, you can store the samples refrigerated in the kit.

4. Cooled transport
You return the sample kit containing the refrigerated samples to the Normec MTS laboratory.

5. Analysis
The sample kit is analysed in a NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited laboratory.

6. Results and reporting
Within ten days of receipt of the sample kit by our laboratory, you can download the test report via our customer portal.

7. Advice and adjustment
Should the laboratory analysis show deviating standards, we will contact you. We discuss the possible causes and the follow-up solutions that Normec MTS can offer.

8. Follow-up
Follow-up may consist of, for example, having an onboard installation cleaned. Normec MTS facilitates in this and other matters.

BWMS Commissioning Testing

Ballast Water Management Ssystem (BWMS) Commissioning, also known as ballast water management system commissioning, is an essential process that ensures that your ship’s ballast water system is functioning properly and complies with applicable regulations. The validation process of a ballast water system consists of the following 4 steps.

1. Start procedure
After the offer is accepted, we make an appointment with you to perform the BWMS Commissioning. The appointment can take place at several ports around the world and is coordinated with you according to the ship’s arrival.

2. On-board testing
A qualified employee of Normec MTS or its partner will come on board at the agreed time to take and analyse various samples with the specialised equipment provided. Initial results will be shared verbally at this time.

3. Laboratory tests
Simultaneously with our visit on board for BWTS Commissioning Testing, we can provide aVessel General Permit (VGP) by having the ballast water tested at one of our accredited laboratories after sampling. The US EPA requires vessels sailing to the USA to obtain a VGP. As result the US Coast Guard will check the aforementioned allowance of VGP testing for vessels sailing to the US.

4. Report
Within 10 working days, a report of the parameters examined will be shared and available for download on our customer portal.

Normec MTS customer portal

Every Normec MTS customer is given access to the customer portal. At the start of the cooperation, the instructions for sampling are created together with you, the customer. For this, we use your logo and photos that are recognisable to your crew members.


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