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All necessary expertise on board

Normec MTS is an independent agency accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council with all the necessary expertise to test your water on board. We have several NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2018 accredited laboratories AS WELL AS the necessary knowledge of all applicable national/international legislation and regulations in the field of compliance and safety of your water on board. By using smart ICT solutions, our clients benefit from our services in the best possible manner.

Normec MTS services:

  • worldwide shipping of sample kits
  • customs clearance and transport of samples to laboratories
  • analysing of scrubber, ballast and drinking water samples in NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2018 accredited laboratories in accordance with¬†IMO, VGP and WHO guidelines
  • reporting and data management in digital client portal
  • support in interpreting applicable legislation and regulations.

Normec MTS consists of the following three companies:

logo Normec All Water Services FC

Normec All Water Services (AWS)

Normec All Water Services (AWS) takes care of client contact from A to Z and the entire logistic process of sampling, analysis and reporting. On request, Normec AWS can have the analysis carried out at any accredited laboratory in the Netherlands. Extensive automation of research data and laboratory analyses enables clients to follow all measuring and sampling activities in real time

More about Normec AWS
logo Normec Servaco FC

Normec Servaco

Normec Servaco is an accredited, independent, multidisciplinary laboratory in Belgium for industrial analysis and research. The experts in the environmental and construction departments work closely together and guarantee effective, expert service. Normec Servaco is a leader in the market and is renowned for its strong client service and broad testing capabilities.

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logo normec kalsbeek

Normec Kalsbeek

Normec Kalsbeek is a leading research and consultancy company in the field of water safety, offering a wide range of sophisticated solutions and products developed in-house. The agency has all the expertise for safe drinking and process water. In addition, Normec Kalsbeek provides various water quality solutions for business processes, cooling and/or heating installations.


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Hans van der Wart

‘Normec MTS is a new player on the market that has everything in-house from A to Z for performing scrubber, ballast and drinking water tests’

Managing director Normec MTS

“When you operate in such a dynamic maritime market segment, in a sector that is regularly confronted with changes in legislation and regulations, it gives you a great deal of satisfaction to be able to relieve the client of all their worries – regardless of the circumstances or time pressure. That’s what I like about Normec MTS: every day we manage to do it better. Normec MTS is a new player on the market that has everything in-house from A to Z for performing scrubber, ballast and drinking water tests. Our services are developed with the interests of our clients in mind. Service is what drives us, and the use of efficient ICT solutions is at the heart of this.

How can we make it simpler, more accurate, and faster? We ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. The extent of our ambition is certainly high, and this is because of our clients, who inspire us. That’s why I prefer to describe them as ‘partners’. After all, we need them in our efforts to provide the highest quality. Their input, experiences and wishes challenge us to do better every time. I look forward to seeing how your company and Normec MTS can improve each other.

Hans van der Wart


Would you like to know more about what we can do for you?¬†Leave a message and we’ll talk soon.

With kind regards,

Hans van der Wart
Managing Director

normec mts building

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